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The com2m IoT platform – basis for customized IoT solutions

The com2m IoT platform offers a collection of generically applicable services to effectively implement individual IoT solutions tailored to a wide variety of use cases and to add further functionality as needed. The IoT platform can be used as Software as a Service (SaaS) or OnPremise.

In typical IoT scenarios where the platform is used, assets such as machines, sensors or vehicles send and receive data to and from the cloud. In typical scenarios implemented with the com2m IoT platform, assets such as charging stations, machines, sensors or vehicles send and receive data to and from the cloud. The systems are mapped with their connections in the platform. The transmitted data is persisted and statistics are generated. Access takes place via a secure REST API, and the user administration offers the mapping of access rights. Common use cases include: viewing assets with their status and important data in dashboards, collecting the data in a datalake, or transferring the data to a custom system.

Why is it worth taking a look at the Developer Center?

  • You are a developer and want to work with the com2m IoT platform.
  • You are tech-savvy and interested in the possibilities offered by the com2m IoT platform.
  • You are looking for a solution to digitize your machines.

But we don’t just offer the technical platform, we also support you in developing a holistic solution.

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Features of the com2m IoT platform at a glance

  • scalable extensible micro service architecture
  • data transmission via MQTT or individual protocols through extended connector concept
  • device management with access rights and individual device authentication via asset management
  • User management with users, groups, roles and rights management
  • Data structures for messages, time series data and application specific collections
  • Automatic generation of statistics and aggregations
  • Authentication via OAuth2
  • REST API with JSON
  • Receiving events via websockets
  • Generic WebUI for quick start

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