Service APIs

The com2m IoT cloud offers pre-build micro services that can be used to build a custom IoT application. Use the following services to build, test and run your innovative IoT application.

com2m Developer Center Service API

Asset Service

Define and query your custom application assets and domain model.

Time Series Service

Efficiently store and query sensor data over periods of time.

User Service

Manage users, usergroups and permissions based on your needs.

MQTT Connector

Connect devices in the field via the MQTT protocol connector service.

Usage Statistics Service

Collects usage statistics of the platform like API and MQTT calls.

Elastic Push Service

Push data point values, messages and collection entries for selected components to an elastic stack.

Document Service

Use this service to save documents for Items, Item Types, User, User Group or Tenant.

Notification Service

Use this service to send emails, push messages and other notifications.

Rule Management Service

Define rules that trigger actions on specific events.

Fleet Management Service

This service supports AEMP.

Data Lake Connector

Use this service to store data in your data lake.